Monday, March 21, 2011

#2 People come and people go

I've seen many people during my lifetime.  They were interesting to watch and often entertaining.  They were often just passers-by out fishing or hunting but I usually enjoyed watching them.  I never really had the opportunity to grow close to any of them, much less to love one, until one day SHE came into my life.

To her, I was much more than a tree.  Beyond the shade and spanish moss, she saw me...for me.  She used to sit here, under my limbs.  Others would complain of the mess I made when I lost limbs or leaves, but not her.  She talked to me.  She understood that I was old.  She thanked me for being shelter to so many. Yes, she was special.

I sure will miss her until the day I die. No one has seen me like that since she went away.  I sure do hope that God lets trees into Heaven because I'd follow that lady anywhere.

#1 I have no eyes, but I can see...

I have no eyes, for I'm only a tree, but that doesn't mean that I cannot see.  Sometimes eyes just aren't enough and you have to see with your heart, even your soul.  Often, we see with our emotions.  Sometimes we see in our dreams.  God shows us but we have to choose to pay attention.

I'd like to share with you some things I've seen during my 300 years on this Earth.  I've spent these years watching, listening and feeling.  I've survived many storms and I'm scarred.  I am reaching the end of my time here but I'd like to say some things before I go.  I welcome you to sit beneath my limbs and visit for awhile.