Sunday, May 8, 2011

#3 I Was Lonely

Yes, I was lonely.  Although there were many animals and birds around, even though people passed by, I was lonely.   Beneath my arms sat an old fishing camp.  It was small and it was quiet.  It was used for a shelter for fishermen...a hideaway of a sort.  It contained no beauty and it held no love.  That is what made me feel sad.  That's what made me feel lonely.

The man who owned that little camp started to visit more often.  He was an odd fellow, really quiet and almost detached.  It turned out that his marriage was over and he moved here to his camp.  Still, with work offshore and all of his other activities, he wasn't here much at all.  Work, saltwater fishing, hunting, deep sea diving...he was always on the go.

And then there was that one day that changed me forever...the day SHE came to visit.  As she stepped out of the car, I saw her first barefoot touch the grass.  Next I noticed the sun catching her beautiful blond hair.  She got out of the car and took in everything.

When I say everything, I don't mean the value or size of the camp.  She noticed REAL things.  She saw the trees.  She noticed the signs of squirrels.  She saw a nest with a mother nesting.  She heard the frogs and the crickets.  She immediately gave something to this place.  I later learned that it was love.

She would come by from time to time to take care of the place.  I longed to see her step out of that car.  If only I had known how it would end, I would have wished her away from here that very first day.  She was just too important to this world.  She was just too special.  She deserved better.  But instead, she gave, she gave her life.

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